This the best and most succinct description of what has been happening in the schools in NJ and across the county that I have read. What Mr. Capone describes is due to the belief by politicians at the State and Federal level that they know what's best for our children. Commend Mr. Capone for taking a stand and working to get elected. Also for taking a stand that goes against the current wave that allows the state to indoctrinate your children with beliefs that are not in line with a parent's beliefs or moral standing . No doubt cancel culture will try all it can to minimize, discredit, and harass him for taking a stand that is against their agenda. We need to ensure that we support him and the other elected officials who are willing to speak out.

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Right on! My wife has bravely homeschooled now for years. Mr. Capone, please be resolute and permit no "settlement" in connection with the Autocratic Governor and Attorney General's injunction and subsequent litigation efforts. Else we'll be living in a parallel but nevertheless unacceptable version of the protagonist's life from Grisham's acclaimed book "A Time to Kill". Mike Mulligan, Esq., michaelmulligan@comcast.net.

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Amazing. Thank G-d for a man willing to stand up for children. I'm amazed what the Boards and Supers, who are parents as well, often of young children, will allow. It's time to start disobeying.

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One hundred percent agree Frank. The same people that screamed you were anti science if you wanted your child back in school did not care one bit about abuse situations (never mind food insecurity and poor internet availability) in virtual school during Covid are now the ones looking to remove parental notification in the cases of transgender students because of potential abuse situations, and in this case they want to assume every parent will be abusive. I am still wondering how the Department of Education and teachers and parents that support this are going to teach children that a secret kept from parents in one situation is safe but another is not???

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) specifically states issues about behaviors abusers will use:

Trust development and keeping secrets:

Abusers attempt to gain trust of a potential victim through gifts, attention, sharing “secrets” and other means to make them feel that they have a caring relationship and to train them to keep the relationship secret.

Desensitization to touch and discussion of sexual topics:

Abusers will often start to touch a victim in ways that appear harmless, such as hugging, wrestling and tickling, and later escalate to increasingly more sexual contact, such as massages or showering together. Abusers may also show the victim pornography or discuss sexual topics with them, to introduce the idea of sexual contact.

Are we just to pretend and hope that no one will use keeping things secrets from parents for their own nefarious ends? Keep fingers crossed? Are people 100% sure that will never happen? Guess what it has already happened in the past with a Middletown teacher (https://patch.com/new-jersey/middletown-nj/man-accuses-former-middletown-teacher-sex-abuse-early-80s) do we want to risk that?

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Yes - that is a big point - desensitization and normalization. For some kids, it's traumatizing, like flipping a switch. Which is their goal - this makes complicit, compliant serfs who don't stand up for themselves. Exactly what they want.

This state's leaders are subhuman followers exactly like Nazis. They are following an Agenda that comes from Davos, to try to stay in the club. If you wonder how nice, cultured Germany wound up running a holocaust, you are watching how humans can be convinced to do despicable things.

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